"Rebel Kicks deliver a perfect anthem for the modern contemporary masses and the current political scenery of our country. 'Fall of the American Dream' is a powerful, imaginative and honest showcase of sadness, anger and a will of fire to pick up and move forward. While the title might evoke a certain fatalist view, in reality the song embraces hope as a medium to move past the “sins” of our fathers. It’s a modern plea that is not heard by those who have already done the deed, but it will be heard by those who will fight to find a solution.

- Wolf in A Suit, music blog


Rebel Kicks are an alt-rock/pop band based out of NYC. Led by brothers, Anthony and Steven Babino, their sound and style fuses elements of rock, pop, electronica, & hip-hop, along with the unique, close harmonic blend of the brothers' voices.

Born and raised in New York City, the duo have been "performing together since we started talking". The band has been performing on the NY circuit over the last year and a half, and already have a reputation for their electrifying, energetic live performances. “We want people to leave our live shows not only excited by our music, but also feeling energized, taking away good vibes from the experience.”

Rebel Kicks have had multiple songs featured on MTV, including the show "Teen Mom: OG", as well as a song placement on the season 10 finale of the hit show, "Shameless", on Showtime. In November 2019, the music video for their original song, 'Let It Out', which combines elements of interpretive dance as well as ASL, was featured in the Big Apple Film Festival, and has also been selected for the Gorilla River Music Video Festival, as well as a semi-finalist for the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.

The band spent the majority of 2018 and 2019 writing, recording and producing content for their forthcoming album. They’ve collaborated with some of the top music industry songwriters and producers, including Jason Pennock (2pac/Polyenso/The Pussycat Dolls), Abe Dertner, Jeff Blue (Macy Gray/Hoobastank/Korn/Linkin Park), Russ DeSalvo (Lou Reed/Celine Dion/Lionel Richie), and Jimmy Greco (Paramore/Santana). "We're really excited about the new songs! We feel like we've truly found our voice as an artist, and honed in on a sound that’s ours; we can't wait to share it with everyone."


Fall of the American Dream
Let It Out
The Life + Times of an Unpopular Girl
It's You
How Many More




Jimmy Greco

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