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Our debut album, "A Portrait of Man: Part I", is out now! The album is available to buy on CD, Digital and Streaming.


Produced by Rebel Kicks & Jimmy Greco


A Portrait of Man: Part I
1) Is Everybody Ready? (Intro)
2) Fall of the American Dream
3) Breaking It Off
4) It's You
5) Oxytocin Junky
6) Broken Hearts = Broken Chains
7) The Life + Times of an Unpopular Girl
8) Thank You, Ladies and Gentlemen! (Interlude)
9) Let It Out
10) Strange Animals
11) When I Get Older... (Interlude)
12) Why You Gotta?
13) Way Out
14) Just Messing Around (Outro)

A Portrait of Man: Part I (CD)

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